Teaching Resources

Ventures has developed several supplemental exercises that correlate to textbook lesson plans. You can create your own login account for free, or you can use our account (email: program@irwpstl.org, password: Community1). Multilevel worksheets provide extra practice at different difficulty levels, and can be done in class or individually as homework. Collaborative worksheets are designed for multiple students and can be used during class with your student. You can also find vocabulary flash cards, visual aids, and real life document examples.

Many students are interested in practicing various life skills during class. On this page, you’ll find information, lesson plans, and exercises that cover driving, health, employment, financial literacy, citizenship, and more!

Scaffolding is a set of techniques used to help ESL learners understand content when reading and writing. This document provides the basic steps for applying scaffolding in your sessions.

Games are a great way to make classes interactive and fun! These websites have a wide variety of games and exercises that can be incorporated into your classes.

If your student would like extra practice outside of class, or if you’d like something to work on in addition to your main curriculum, these resources are a great place to start!