Health/ Medical

Money/ Financial Literacy

  • Totaling coins/bills exercises- Personalize and generate your own worksheets to help your student practice counting American coins and bills.

  • Coin/Bill Identification

  • Extended Financial Literacy Curriculum- IRWP has a full supplemental curriculum for students who are interested in working more closely on money, shopping, and other financial literacy topics. Please click here to request more information on how to get started!



IRWP has developed a full curriculum for students who want to apply for US citizenship. This curriculum covers both the application process and the civics test materials. Since applying for citizenship is a complex process, we ask that teachers schedule a one-on-one training with IRWP staff before getting started with the citizenship curriculum. Please click here to request more information!


  • Minnesota Literacy Council has developed lesson plans for adult ESL students that cover life skills such as community, daily activities, family, food, health, housing, employment, money, phone skills, shopping, and transportation. The lesson plans call for utilizing textbooks that we don’t currently have access to, so it can be difficult to incorporate the entire lesson plan, but they can be helpful starting points, and they contain worksheets and exercises for each topic that can be utilized without the main textbooks.