General Resources 


During your time with IRWP, your student may ask you for assistance with issues or tasks outside of learning English. Occasionally, your student may ask you for help reading a piece of mail or making a phone call. These are great life skills to practice and can easily be incorporated into your lessons. However, more complicated or time-consuming needs should be directed to a caseworker, friend, or relative. Please keep in mind that at the end of the day, you are a teacher, not a social worker, and are not expected to address needs that require more professional assistance.

If your student asks you for assistance in an area outside of your realm of knowledge, you’re welcome to call your staff liaison to discuss the situation. IRWP works closely with several organizations that provide services to immigrants and refugees, and we can always suggest resources or provide referrals when necessary. You can also find contact information for several community organizations at the links below. Partner organizations are groups in St. Louis that IRWP works with on a regular basis, and they are able to address many students’ common needs. If you’re unable to find a good resource among partner organizations, Start Here STL is a more general resource directory for the St. Louis area, and is a good place to look next.