International Dialects of English Archive

This archive provides audio samples of English speakers from all over the world, from various regions, ages, and cultural backgrounds. Listening to these speakers is a great way for intermediate/advanced students to practice listening to casual spoken English. Each track also includes a written transcript to help with any difficult sections.

VOA Learning English

Voice of America Learning English offers a mix of English lessons, dialogues, and articles. Teachers can utilize the videos or audio recordings during class or choose to focus on written articles and dialogues. At the intermediate and advanced level, students can read news articles adapted for individuals studying English. Each article has vocabulary words in bold and an optional quiz to test comprehension.

Mark Kulek: English Conversation Practice

Mark Kulek runs a Youtube channel for practicing conversational English. He posts new videos every Tuesday and Friday. His videos range from short, five minute conversations, to more detailed hour-long lessons.

ESL Gold

ESL Gold is a general ESL practice site that has short lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and conversational English. The site is organized by skill and can be difficult to navigate if you’re looking for a specific topic— the easiest thing to do is to type in the topic you’re looking for in the search bar in the top right corner and look through the results.

Five Minute English

Five Minute English provides short supplementary English lessons. In addition to lessons on grammar and vocabulary, they also offer lessons that talk about American idioms and expressions.