Meet Ryan Byrnes

Ryan Byrnes reached out to us earlier in the year to explore the possibility of donating some of the profits from his new book to IRWP. We, of course, jumped at the chance to learn more about Ryan and his upcoming release. Ryan is an author of young adult and historical fiction who has lived in the St. Louis region. He has self published four young adult novels and his newest book will be his first book with a publishing house. Royal Beauty Bright is a historical fiction novel set during World War I and the first Christmas of the war.

Ryan came to visit the IRWP offices this week to learn more about our program and talk about our partnership. We loved hearing about how he came to write his book and why he chose us to benefit from some of the profits. He told us how he really liked our mission and how we welcomed immigrants and refugees to the community.

We will be talking much more about Ryan and his novel, Royal Beauty Bright, in the coming months. Until then we encourage you to visit his website and Facebook page.