To be a student with IRWP, immigrant and refugees need to be over the age of 18 and have limited or no access to community English courses. IRWP serves both female and male students - female students are paired with female teachers, and male students are paired with male students. Students may begin the program at any time throughout the year and will progress at their own rate.

*We understand that many students cope with factors that might affect learning and pace in classes. We are sensitive to the special needs of each student! As long as the student is attending classes regularly, doing the assigned/light self-study, and are making an effort towards their goals, we will be happy to work with them.

IRWP focuses on equipping students to function with increased confidence and independence, handle emergency and medical situations, manage their finance, and other practical living skills. Curriculum and study for the U.S. Citizenship Exam is also provided where needed by students.

After working with teachers, I can understand. I am happy.

New Student Guidelines

If you or someone you know would like to receive a teacher through IRWP, please call our office at 314-771-1104. We will do our best to match new students with teachers as soon as we are able. However, we currently have over 250 individuals on our waiting list. As a result, the current wait time for a teacher is at least one year.

If you are referring a student to our program, please make sure they are aware of the wait time, and do your best to cover the following information with them first. It is important that potential students be ready to make these commitments to do well in our program.

 Class Rules:

  • Students will have class two times each week in their home or another accessible location.

  • Each class will be about an hour.

  • These dates and times will be set with the teacher.

  • There will be some homework between classes.

  • Student’s attention should be on learning; no distractions such as cell phones, visitors, cooking, etc.

 Attendance Rules:

  • Students will be home and ready for class.

  • If students need to cancel, they must call or text their teacher as far in advance as possible.

  • It is okay to cancel class for illnesses, emergencies, special occasions, etc.

  • Students should not make other appointments during class time (unless necessary).

 Attendance is one of the most important parts of our program’s effectiveness. Classes are scheduled to fit into a student’s availability. If a student is frequently missing or cancelling class, we will get in touch with them to discuss the problem. If it continues to be an issue after the initial discussion, they may not be able to continue classes with us. We do take everyone’s individual situation into consideration, but without regular attendance, it is not possible for them to learn and advance, and classes may become another source of stress.

  • Students can and should contact our office if they have any issues with classes or their teacher. If there is an issue, we will work with the student to identify a solution.

  •  If students are planning to move or take any extended trips, please let us know at the time of their referral.

  •  Please let us know if a student’s phone number, address, work status, or availability changes.

  •  Most importantly, our clients must want to learn to do well in our program. We want the program experience to be a positive and empowering experience for students!

 Thank you! Please do not hesitate to call us at (314) 771-1104 with any questions on referrals or program.